About Us

Andrew Katrina – Founder of AK3D

Andrew Katrina is the young adrenaline-filled entrepreneur that is stuck with his childhood passion for LEGOs and now is the owner AK3D. He graduated from Penn State with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has a passion for bringing ideas to life.  

His past work has been in the aerospace industry developing IP for propulsion systems. He also has experience with product development and simulations but his true passion lies in manufacturing specifically additive manufacturing.

Andrew likes to break down barriers utilizing the latest manufacturing techniques and understands the harmony between traditional and non-traditional methods.

When he is not in the lab, he can be found at his local surf break during lunch, skiing down peaks out west, or ripping through mountainsides on his bike. These passions of his allow him to understand the need for high-quality, durable parts. He captures the essence of being a craftsman and provides out of box solutions for today’s problem

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